Welcome to the world of Studio 24/7, where life is easy and wonderfully efficient. Inspired by a dynamic generation of individuals and driven by innovation, this is a new way of managing your wardrobe, because time is precious and there is never enough of it.

Studio 24/7 offers a complete wardrobe service that includes everything from organization to SORT, STYLE AND SHOP items.



“These women do not wear fashionable clothes, they decide what is fashionable”.

Scarlett Ma, Conde Nast School of Fashion and Design


Being based in Shanghai, one the biggest cities in Asia, we are glad to have lots of opportunities to travel all around the world working on both sides of the Atlantic.


We get our experience and inspiration working with Manhattan’s new elite, Hollywood budding stars, observing and admiring  A-list celebrity guests in Cannes film festival, and enjoying Asian serenity and fanciful fashion trends.


That’s how we have developed our own signature recognizable style, relaxed yet luxurious, the “intricately elegant”  look. This look mainly consists of mix of 20s, 30s and Hollywood glamour pieces.


Our philosophy has always been to help women feel comfortable & confident through the clothes they wear while the refinement and sophistication is a key.

Have been involved in the fashion industry for nearly 7 years, our Studio 24/7 is best known for working with high-profile clients, fashion magazines, celebrities, designers, advertising agencies, and fashion schools.


STYLE 24/7

The 24/7 service makes stylists available for the client at any time for any help.


Your Personal Stylist is on call to help you to find a look for every occasion: specific, sophisticated, and uniquely you. We will optimize your wardrobe and create your own complete looks, or engage one of our revered stylists to give you a fresh perspective on your wardrobe.



One time consultation includes 1 day (8 hours) of personal stylist consultations about body type, color type, and creating a unique style.



Studio 24/7 presents unique shopping destination, offering bespoke service from our acclaimed Personal Stylist and exclusive access to rare designer merchandise.

An intimate salons and carriage houses nestled in fashion capitals of the world each discreet showroom lays a luxurious scene to wardrobe consultations, collection launches, trunk show previews, and more.

Studio 24/7 is the only place to preorder looks straight from the runway months before it hits stores (if it even hits stores).



Creating a personal book with the “decisions" on the different tasks - a book with ready sets of clothing and accessories, selected in an appropriate color scheme and according to the body types for any occasion, ranging from everyday casual looks and ending with social events.


It will serve you a cheat sheet in the future, whenever you open your wardrobe to choose clothes or when you want to make the next shopping.

Bride to Be

 The ultimate bridal experience  exclusively designed for women by  women! 


 People who say money can’t buy happiness  obviously don’t know where to shop. 





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